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Centre County Small Business Funding

In Centre County there’s still funding available for a pandemic related small business relief program.

There’s also still time available for business owners to submit a grant application.

Last month, Centre County opened the small business grant program with 3 million dollars in funding. To date, about 1.8 million dollars has been allocated,leaving more than a million dollars,still
available. Grants are being awarded on first come, first serve basis to Centre County businesses that show at least a 25 percent drop in net receipts from 2019 to last year- ue to the pandemic

“Grants are in two thousand dollar increments up to twenty thousand dollars, right now were getting a pattern down, usually within two weeks of someone applying they’re receiving an email saying they’re either receiving a grant of this amount, or you’re missing some paperwork, or maybe there was a math error. Please contact us and appeal”

The small business grants are coming from Centre County’s 31 million dollar allocation from the federal government’s, pandemic related American Rescue Plan. Since last Fall, Centre County government has distributed more than ten million dollars in state and federal relief funding.

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