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Centre County Rise in Overdoses

Before the pandemic there was another epidemic — heroin use — that hasn’t gone away.

Centre County District Attorney Bernie Cantorna says three people in the county have died in the past two weeks alone from drug overdoses that were heroin related.

In the past month, police in Centre County responded to 11 overdose calls.

It’s a far more deadly drug, fentanyl, that’s probably fueling the recent increase in overdoses.

Cantorna suspects that other drugs besides heroin, such as cocaine, may now be laced with fentanyl.

Drug abuse during pandemic times:

“I can’t imagine that the possibility of COVID-19 added with all those concurring disorders, that it’s a good thing, but you know when someone is in that state, that kind of thought process doesn’t occur,” Cantorna says.

The district attorney recommends if you know someone with a substance use disorder, try to get them help or take steps to have Narcan available that could save that person’s life.

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