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Centre County Redistricting

Work continues on developing new boundary lines for congressional districts in Pennsylvania.

One area in our region is telling those in charge we shouldn’t be split between two districts.

The governor’s Advisory Council on Redistricting held a public hearing at Penn State Monday.

Lee Ann Banazak of the university’s Political Science Department is one of the council members.

“The demographics of Pennsylvania have changed dramatically recently and that’s certainly the case here in Centre County,” said Banazak.

A state Supreme Court ruling in 2018 split Centre County between the 12th and 15th districts.

Many of those who testified Monday, such as Ron Williams, feel the county should be included in one district.

“State College and Bellefonte have many shared resources and interests,” Williams said.

Another speaker, Debbie Trudeau, said the State College area, and the surrounding Centre region, shouldn’t be a site for a boundary line as it currently is.

“State law doesn’t allow town to incorporate itself,” said Trudeau, “So, State College looks like just a spot on a map, but it isn’t, it’s a growing region.”

Because of last year’s census, the goal is for each congressional district in the state to include 765,000 residents.

Due to the population decline in Pennsylvania, the state will be losing one seat in the House of Representatives.


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