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Centre County PAWS

During the past few years, we’ve talked about the many community service organizations helping to feed families in need. Now a Centre County Animal Shelter is expanding its services to help keep pets fed as well.

At Centre County PAWS, being Progressive Animal Welfare Society its primarily an animal shelter and adoption organization.

As a community resource, it also serves a multitude of other roles while keeping the focus on helping the welfare of animals. They’ve been collecting pet food donations regularly,and the good news they need more space to store the food and other supplies.

So PAWS has now opened the Virginia Walker Pet Pantry, named in honor of a local family, who contributed to the project.

During the pandemic, and interesting dynamic in the people and their pets food chain

“When people were being furloughed, being let go from their jobs, we were hearing about people literally feeding their pets human food, there’s really not many circumstances that we hear bout,where they’re not juts feeding their pets.instead they’re spending their money that they would use to feed themselves for their pets.”

So PAWS Pantry is helping keeping people fed also, with pet owners having to share less of their own food with their animals.

PAWS is also working with the State College Meals On Wheels program, to help get pet food delivered on a regular basis,

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