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Centre County Mask Ordinances

Active mask ordinances as of last week, but with the CDC announcing revised guidelines. Where do those ordinances stand? Dylan Huberman is here and he tells us.

Both of those ordinances remain in place for the moment, but votes to revise or appeal them will be taking place later this month.

Borough officials say the CDC’s new community level system has it altered the existence of State College’s mask ordinance because the substantial and high thresholds are
effectively synonymous.

“Our mask ordinance is still in place because whenever the extension was passed on Monday, January 10th, they tied the ordinance into the the CDC’s map and the CDC’s classification of the county, which is still on high whenever we remove a move out of that high classification. Then the ordinance that’s impacting the borough say college would no longer be in place”

But the borough’s council could still vote to remove the ordinance

“If we continue to stay in high The Board of Health is meeting on March eight. Will provide recommendations for our council. Who’s next? Scheduled meeting to take action would be on March 21st.”

Patton Twp ordinance also remains in place because the high and former substantial rank have the same countywide threshold in their ordinance 50 cases per 100,000.

“That is our metric that happens to be what the CDC called substantial before we are still at the 50,000 sorry, 50 new cases per 100,000. That’s what our ordinance says.”

So unlike State College’s ordinance, it won’t be automatically repealed if Center County drops to the medium category.

But she says changes may come soon

“Next Wednesday, March ninth. We have a board meeting. We will actually be looking at our current ordinance”

And Shontz says that he believes that better days are not far away with the Omicron wave behind us.

“It does feel like where we were at last year, around the same exact time where it feels like getting going out and doing things. You feel less nervous, especially with Omicron, the way that it spread rapidly. As quick as this, you wanted to make sure that you were cautious with everything that you were doing, and that’s that’s definitely how the borough was was operating in terms of decision making with that. But yeah, I mean, overall, it’s exciting that that the trends and it’s really great to see the trends go down.”

We’ll keep you up to date with both of those ordinances.

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