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Centre County Man Behind Bars

Police say a Centre County man is behind bars after threatening to kill the pastor of a local church so he could marry the pastor’s daughter.

According to the Spring Township Police Department, 72-year-old John Hamilton is facing charges related to terroristic threats, stalking and harassment.

Officers say they were called to a church Sunday for a trespassing complaint where Hamilton, who was armed and wearing camouflage, was trying to gain entry.

When officers arrived at the church, they say they spoke with Hamilton who said he was doing “surveillance.”

Police say the pastor told officers that Hamilton showed up with a note and told the pastor that he had to tell him something, and if he didn’t listen, he’d be sorry.

According to police, Hamilton used to be a member of the church, but was issued a “no trespass” notice on July 5, 2020.

They say Hamilton violated that notice several times by showing up to the pastor’s house and his church.

They say that one of the times he claimed to be bird watching.

Most recently, police say Hamilton told them that he was in love with the pastor’s daughter and wants to have a relationship with her.

Hamilton said that he believes the woman would marry him if her father, the pastor, were not in the way, police say.

Hamilton is being lodged in the Centre County Prison and has a preliminary hearing slated for Dec. 22.

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