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Centre County Hit and Run Update

Well it’s been nearly 3.5 months since an Amish man was killed in a hit and run crash on a rural Centre County road in an investigation that already has a strange number of twists.

Investigators continue to focus on the cellphone used by the driver who reportedly hit the victim.

In This new search warrant in the death of John King filed last week by state police investigators there seeking phone usage information from AT&T.

Police also questioning the credibility the phone’s owner of the suspected driver who hit King and left the scene here along route 45 outside of Millheim on the night of April 17th

King was ona manually powered scooter like one of these when he was hit. Four days later police got a call linking the suspected driver from State College to the crash.

He tells police he was traveling alone after fishing nearby thought he hit a deer and kept going because he’s worried about getting a flat tire.

He also said he made one phone call after the crash went home watch Netflix and went to bed

In the new search warrant though police say the driver’s vehicle Honda Pilot did have some deer hair in a headlight but not on the grill or under carriage, The driver says it may have gotten there when he
was cleaning out his garage with a blower.

Police said it look like part of the vehicle’s exterior was wiped clean. Paint from a scooter was also found underneath the vehicle. There’s also questions about a tree branch and dirt found on
the vehicle.

Asked for the driver’s cellphone police say instead of the one call that was mentioned, there is at least six calls placed or received in a 45 minute span after the estimated time of the
deadly crash.

Plus there was at least eight other sms messages that evening on the phone, police are seeking more info on the phone usage and possible gps information from AT&T

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