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Centre County Government Employment

As we follow the employment numbers and job vacancies, there’s related questions about the lack of workers in some specific offices besides law enforcement that are on the front lines of keeping us safe.

If you call in an emergency the call first goes to to a 911 Center. For those guilty of serious, or repeat offense they go to jail. Like many counties in Centre County, the 911 Center and the county prison among the offices with employee shortages

“You can see looking back our total number of separations per month and what our turnover rate is. through march we are at 2.4 percent turnover rate which is slightly higher than the last report from the bureau of labor statistics”

Thursday, Centre County Government administrators talking about their staffing, vacancies, and turnover rate.

In recent weeks, salary hikes, bonuses and other incentives have been offered. So are they helping in filling open jobs,and more importantly, we asked is short staffing impacting public safety?

“We’re making progress with new hires and interviews. certainly its something were focused on.but its not,to use your words,at that point yet”

Centre County Government employees over 500 people. Recently it was reported there’s close to 30 job vacancies.

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