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Centre County Elections

In Centre County, election preparations are in high gear on several fronts with the county seeing a different trend this year in terms of the factors behind the increased interest.

With three weeks and counting to election day, one of the hot button issues in Centre County, as it is statewide and nationwide is mail in voting, with applications coming in at a surprising rate.

As of Tuesday, there have been more than 31,000 mail in applications from Centre County voters.

That number is close to 40 percent of the expected voter turnout on election day, and mail in applications sometimes several hundred per day, are still coming in.

In the past, an increase in election related numbers were usually, at least in part, due to more interest from Penn State students.

In 2008, close to 20,000 students alone registered as new voters in the county.

This year though, election officials say they’re not seeing as many new student registrations.

One issue with the mail in ballots is security for the ballot drop boxes.

Not only are there cameras near the boxes, but county sheriff’s deputies will also be providing a visual recording with a body camera.

Those who have applied for mail in ballots in Centre County should be receiving them in the mail this week.

The deadline to register for next month’s election is fast approaching.

It’s next Monday, Oct. 19.


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