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Centre County Elections

Despite ongoing legal issues surrounding voting issues in Pennsylvania, county election officials remain confident there won’t be a delay for the upcoming Spring primary election.

February 15th was the date for major party candidates to begin collecting signatures for their nominating petitions to appear on the spring primary ballots. but a court suit involving congressional redistricting has temporarily suspended the three week signing period

“We do not have a specified date for the petition period in this election cycle. so stay tuned as the court works through this”

So will it that mean a delay in the May 17th primary election date? It has been done before, as recently as two years ago in 2020, when the pandemic pushed the scheduled April election back to early June. County election officials at this point,with no other scheduling directives from the state or courts- still preparing for the May 17th date

“I don’t think that’s changing. I don’t think you’ll see a change in the primary election date. but you will see maybe a little bit of variance in the way the petition process is handled”

The state legislature or the governor could move the primary date. But, currently, there appears to be little or no support in Harrisburg to make a change.

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