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Centre County Elections

In Centre County the bulk of the mail in votes already counted. We know that because the results of more than 28 thousand mail in ballots here were posted last night, shortly after the polls closed at eight o’clock. Today,

Some post election issues being discussed here at the county election headquarters in Bellefonte.
in the first of a series of election return board meetings this week the status of whats termed spoiled ballots about 100 of them are reviewed. Their ballots, for whatever reason,whether it was voter error or something else that weren’t counted.

County commissioner Steve Dershem raising concerns about whats become a statewide issue. That voters who had bad ballots reportedly being contacted about using a provisional ballot to vote.
Some counties like Centre made that contact other counties didn’t. Another issue the postmark dates on mail in ballots,and whether some are barely legible.

“As long its postmarked by November third the ballot will be counted if its submitted before 5pm on November 6th”

In Centre County, no complaints about determining ballot postmarks

“The Bellefonte post office,all the postal people have been great.we’ve been monitoring whats coming in our office

Wednesday morning, another 33 hundred and 40 ,Centre County mail in ballots were processed and tabulated

According to preliminary election results, Centre County county wide voter turnout was close to 73-75 percent of all registered voters in the county casting ballots on Tuesday.

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