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Centre County Election Day

About 10 minutes after the polls officially closed, officials in Centre County had the results up for more than 28 thousand of the mail in ballots, as expected, our local democrats are in the lead for their districts state representative positions. But again, these are only the results for mail in ballots in the county and most of those voters were registered as democrats…

However, a lot of people also voted in person today. And those votes are still being tallied. Some with masks and some without. Despite the statewide and even local ordinances here in state college.

Poll workers at one of the new polling locations, the Bryce Jordan Center, say it has been constantly busy all day long. They have seen a lot of young voters.

Heres what Centre County Commissioner Micheal Pipe had to say about preparing on getting those votes out as fast as possible.

“A few minutes after 8 o o’clock you’re going to see about 30,000 ballots show up from CC and that’s going to represent the first batch of mail in voting in Centre county.”

Polls have now been closed for almost two hours and we are already seeing results here in the county so be sure to stay with us both online and on air


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