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Centre County Building Projects

In Centre County, big construction plans, with a big price tag, as county administrators move forward with the planned renovation of one of County Government’s oldest buildings.

Tuesday, plans are confirmed to renovate the Centre Crest building in Bellefonte. The former nursing home, with close to a 100 thousand square feet will be repurposed for more county
government office space.

Also on the drawing board, renovation work at the County’s Willowbank building and Courthouse. Financing in the works through a bond issue

“Preliminary budget of approximately $29.2 million dollars for the reuse of Centre Crest. $2.8 million dollars for projects at Willowbank and the Courthouse”

Thats a bond issue for the county of nearly $33 million dollars. The future of the Centre Crest building has been unknown for awhile. In deciding to save it, rather than tear it down,
County Commissioners cite its heritage, value to the Bellefonte community, and ability to add and consolidate work space.

Refurbishing design work expected to begin soon

“The goal is to have the project out to bid after the beginning of the new year, January 2023. the hope is to have construction completion by the second quarter of 2024”

That timetable subject to change. Trying to line up contractors and construction crews is challenging now, and the bond markets are also changing. But there’s already one promise tied to the

“Maybe I’ll answer one of Gary’s questions up front. this will not result in a county property tax increase”

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