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Centre County Broadband Survey

In Centre County, whats termed a broadband census is now underway.

Its part of the ongoing effort to get the county better connected.

In terms of improving broadband access the town of Millheim in Penns Valley a pioneer

“We rolled out broadband almost two years ago in Penns valley right before the pandemic. We were serving 800 families there, that Centre County model is now replicated statewide. a number of counties to the east of us have rolled out the Centre County model”

Next up in expanding high speed Internet finding out whose connected, and who isn’t finding he service gaps. To do that, Centre County’s broadband strategic plan on line survey& speed test now available

“This is really a one time opportunity for residents to play a direct role in planning. by responding to the survey they’re actually helping their community”

Expanding Internet service has been compared to how electrical service expanded a century ago

“One of the things we’ve learned from the pandemic,whether you’re in education or in the private sector, just trying to get the word out, its very difficult if you don’t have the capability”

Millions of dollars in federal and state covid relief funding is earmarked to improve Internet service.

The survey a vital tool in how best to do that in Centre County. It will be available through the Centre County website through March 25th

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