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Centre Care Rehabilitation and Wellness Services

After over 2 years of planning and fundraising, Centre Care Rehabilitation and Wellness Services welcomed residents to their new home Wednesday morning.

This brand new Care Facility has been talked about since late 2018. On Wednesday, it became a reality as Residents left Centre Crest for their new home, Centre Care Rehabilitation and Wellness Services. Resident Council President Charlie Myers was the first to arrive this morning, and is looking forward to some new activities, saying: “Oh I like to play a little bit of horseshoe if I can get the people to do it out of their wheelchairs, play a little badminton out there, play a little bit of that thing you use the clubs with to hit the ball on the ground.”

As we’ve seen the Coronavirus make its way through Nursing Homes across the Country, we learned that these Residents persevered back at Centre Crest. Betsy Boyer, Centre Care Board President adding: “All of these residents have gone through COVID. We had an outbreak of COVID in November/December. So, all of these residents have been exposed and have been through COVID. They’ve either had it and recovered or didn’t get it.”

However they are still prepared just in case, and will do their best to keep this new environment safe. Boyer saying: “We do have an isolation unit set up if there should be someone who has COVID and needs to come for care, we’re ready to do that and they will be isolated from the current residents.”

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