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Central PA 4th Fest

The tragedy in Illinois didn’t stop other celebrations from going forward, but Security was on everyone’s mind, including at 4th Fest in Centre County. Event Organizers say security was tightened up.

4th Fest President Kurt Weibel expressed remorse for those in Illinois, but says there was nothing to fear here. Weibel saying: “It’s sad what happened obviously but here, I think, and I know we’re well protected.” Yet, emotions are running high. Amy Elliott, a 4th Fest Attendee saying: “Frustrating and it’s scary to realize that the world we live in has to face stuff like this.”
Elliott says going to events like this are as important as they are fun. Elliott adding: “I’m a firm believer that you can’t be afraid to live your life, so you need to get out and enjoy things and do the kinds of things that build community.”

Others were just happy to see the fireworks and be at a public celebration without COVID stealing the show. Kimberly-Dawn Falk, another Attendee saying: “An outdoor event like this, I put it on the back burner. I do have a mask in my bag but I don’t even know if I will use it.” Weibel adding: “That’s a great thing right? That we don’t have that, we could sit here or stand here, you and I, and actually you’re smiling, which is great to see, and you can see my smile too.”

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