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Center County First Responders Event

In Centre County, local First Responders held an event to better connect with the community. The Miles Township Fire Company opened its doors to give First Responders a chance to get to know the community on a personal level. The Fire Hall played host to a number of First Responders Saturday, including the Centre County Sheriff and the Pennsylvania State Police, who brought in a Helicopter.

Centre County Sheriff Bryan Sampsel saying: “Well, we all work hand in hand together. We need them, they need us for certain events, so it’s a good event to come out and meet everyone at the Fire Hall, get to know your local people in the Volunteer Fire Company.”

For Centre County Sheriff Bryan Sampsel, he says that interaction is important. Sampsel adding: “I like to show them there’s, there’s a person behind this uniform. So, I just like to get out and meet the public and let them know I’m here for them and here to help them in any way I can.”

Sampsel, in closing: “Well, it’s a great event to come out and meet the community and have an open house here at the Fire Gall. It’s just nice to come out and meet people and show them what we do, and talk to them and just interact with, with the public about what we do.”

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