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Center County COVID-19 Numbers

There’s been a lot of talk about the accuracy of Coronavirus case counts. In Centre County, where the numbers have been skyrocketing since Penn State Students returned to in person classes, the County numbers and the University’s numbers aren’t adding up. For the third week in a row, Centre County has had the highest incidence rate in the State and the highest rate of positive cases, with most of the cases coming from on Penn State’s Campus.

On Friday, Penn State reported an additional 458 cases among students and staff, bringing the University’s total to 2,123 cases. On Saturday, the Department of Health reported Centre County’s total is now 2,393. But that doesn’t add up, considering Centre County reported around 500 total cases before Penn State resumed classes.

Penn State Officials have stated before they report their cases daily to the Department of Health, but it doesn’t mean the State updates their numbers immediately. Nicholas Jones, Executive VP and Provost at PSU saying: “We submit our data to the DOH every day, when we receive positive results. But unfortunately what happened was the DOH wasn’t turning around and publishing that data as it came in, there were some delays.”

On Penn State’s COVID-19 dashboard, they now list the number of cases which are no longer active. As of Friday, that number was over 1,300. The University’s President, Eric Barron said in a Town Hall this week: “I know some faculty feel we should revert to remote at this time. We are not seeing the indicators that might compel a change of our course at this time, but we certainly are monitoring all aspects carefully.” Barron says there’s not a specific number that would dictate their decision to change course, many factors play a role, including community spread.

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