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CDL Job Fair

As the Nation deals with a Truck Driver Shortage, PennDOT held a Job Fair Saturday in Altoona, with hopes of getting more people with a Commercial Driver’s License behind the wheel. The Truck Driver Shortage is severely impacting Supply Chains across the Country. At the Job Fair for CDL Holders, there was a truck-load of opportunity.

The Job Fair saw numerous local Trucking Companies and public authorities such as the State Police set up shop outside or down below the Jaffa Shrine in Altoona. PennDOT for instance is looking for Snow Plow Drivers as the Winter Season nears. Vorzik Transport, a company that serves as an Independent Contractor for FedEx Ground, is looking for Drivers. Safety Specialist Dale Knox says that Vorzik has a lot to offer new hires. Knox saying: “People will be able to see their family every day. Its not like you are gone all the time. Its 5 days a week with competitive pay and great benefits. It is a very family oriented company. That’s something hard to find nowadays.”

The pay ranges from $900-$1500 per week for some drivers, with pay raises every year. Drivers also receive Healthcare and bonuses. The company even has an obstacle course for non-CDL Drivers to test out driving a truck, which includes parking the truck onto a weighing plate. Knox says two or three good perspective new hires stopped by his table and did the obstacle course. Knox adding: “There’s a big Driver Shortage, so that’s one of the reasons we are out here today. To boost up the Trucking Industry.”

Organized by the local chapter of the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association, the group’s Communications Director Brandon Moree tell us that the Job Fair provides an opportunity for local Trucking Companies to hire and advertise. Moree saying: “The average age of a Truck Driver is 57-years-old. And so, when COVID-19 came through and things were starting to slow down, a lot of those guys took that opportunity to retire. And so that made things more difficult for our Member Companies to find people to put in the seats. And when Trucks aren’t moving, things aren’t getting on shelves.”

State Rep. Jim Gregory, a former Truck Driver himself, says he hopes events like this help fill the demand. Gregory saying: “Each Industry needs to find their own lane. Their own way of separating themselves from others, to create their niche and say “This is why you should look at our Industry.” And so, as a Legislature, we’re constantly talking about trades.” He even got to take the truck for a spin on the obstacle course.

At the end of the day, the Industry hopes to get Truckers and the Economy back on the road again. Dale Knox adding: “If you don’t have Truck Drivers, Truck Companies, and Trucking, the United States of America comes to a stop.”

If you have a CDL and are looking for work, be sure to contact your local PennDOT Officials and Trucking Companies.

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