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CDC Warns About Delta Variant

The CDC Today releasing new data they say backs up why many Americans are again being asked to wear a mask inside.

Fox News correspondent Lauren Blanchard has the story from Washington.

The CDC’s message, the war has changed against the Coronavirus, as worries spread in the medical community over the rise of the Delta Variant.

“This is a very serious virus, it’s spreading extraordinarily rapidly And not only does it spread rapidly, but if you’re infected you’re more likely to get severe disease.”

A CDC study points to a breakout in Massachusetts where 74-percent of the cases were among the vaccinated, as a reason they’re now recommending masks for everyone indoors, in large public gatherings,
especially those that attract tourists, and in areas with high rates of transmission.

The delta variant, according to data, appears to be as contagious as chickenpox and vaccinated people can spread the virus. Still just shy of half of the u.s. Population is fully vaccinated.

The white house continues its campaign to get hesitant Americans to get the jab. But their messaging on masks and lockdowns has left some confused about where the nation stands.

“Our message has always been clear throughout. We need more people to get vaccinated to stop the spread of this variant and so we have to continue to make that effort.”

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle and doctors are asking for more data from the CDC.

“The way to get people vaccinated is to come to them one on one and figure out what their fear and reluctance is. This whole idea of mixed messaging, misinformation, we know and you don’t know, the bully pulpit if you will, has been extremely counterproductive.”

In less than a month, school bells will begin to ring in many areas. The CDC is recommending masks for all students and teachers, vaccinated or not.

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