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Capitol Riot Update

We begin this evening with an update to a story we’ve been following out of Centre County, two men with ties to the region who were arrested in the January 6th Capitol riot remain jailed with no sign that they’re going to be released any time soon.

Gary Sinderson brings us more on our update. Julian Khater seen here in the Trump knit hat is accused along with another man of using a chemical spray on Capitol Police during the riot.

Police say the spray instant help other rioters get past them while they were temporarily disabled.

In an ironic twist, Khater now complaining that his prison meals appear to be doused with toxic chemicals, along with claiming some of his dinners are simply processed cheese and broccoli tips.

Katner’s attorney making those claims about harsh prison conditions in a recent letter to the presiding judge.

Khater’s previous bid for bail, backed by family relatives providing millions of dollars in bond money, was denied by a judge. Khater was the owner of a State College restaurant that closed last spring.

Also jailed on riot related charges is Robert Morss, a former Penn State student and campus political organizer.

He’s charged with breaking into the Capitol building. He’s now asking for a release from prison, saying he was recently subjected to an unwarranted strip search by prison guards in jail.

Morss has been jailed since his arrest in June


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