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Capitol Riot Update

Two Men with ties to Centre County who were arrested in the January 6th capitol riot remain jailed in Washington D.C.

Julian Khater seen here in a Trump knit hat at the riot, is accused of using a chemical spray on several capitol police officers during the riot temporarily injuring them and allowing other rioters to
breach a barrier at the capitol steps.

A federal appeals court recently once again denied Khater’s request to be freed on bail saying Khater being charged with assaulting officers makes him a danger to the community. The appeal ruling comes after another federal court earlier denied Khaters freedom even after Khaters family offered to provide several million dollars in bail money.

Khater operated a restaurant in Downtown State College that closed last year.

Also still in jail is Robert Morss, a former Penn State student from the Pittsburgh area who is charged with assaulting capitol police to gain entry to the capitol.

In a new court filing, federal prosecutors saying they now have over 4 thousand video files from 118 cameras as part of the evidence against Morss and other defendants.

There’s also body camera footage from police along with GPS mapping and other information the feds plan to use in court.

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