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Capitol Riot Investigation

Now an update on the story we first told you about involving a Penn State graduate being one of the people charged in the January capitol riot in Washington D.C.

Initially federal prosecutors found a Lego model of the capitol building in the man’s home.

Now though the feds admit thats not exactly what was found.

It drew nationwide attention when Robert Morss was charged. One of the few times,you’ll see a Lego model mentioned in criminal documents. But now federal prosecutors, in what they term a
miscommunication say it wasn’t a model of the capitol that was fully built That was found at Morrs home instead it was a capitol building model all thousand some pieces still in the box.

A photo of the model box was included in the latest court filing.

Morss from Western Pennsylvania is charged with fighting with Capitol police during the riot, along with robbery and other charges.

Plus police claim along with the model, they found a notebook at his home showing how to set up a militia. Prosecutors have also introduced new evidence in the form of text messages reportedly
between Morss and others, before and after the riot.

At one point afterwards, Morrs say he fears being arrested especially after hearing others with ties to Centre County were charged in the riot.

The new court filings come as prosecutors are urging that Morss remain jailed

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