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Capital Riot Anniversary

A year ago today, a large group of protesters stormed the US Capitol building, leading to several deaths and many injuries.

Today, politicians across the Commonwealth discussed the aftermath of the riot are jailing. Dylan Huberman reached out to a number of officials to get their thoughts on the first anniversary
of this event.

Dylan. Politicians on both sides of the aisle universally condemned the riot that happened in the capital last year, calling it disturbing and ensuring efforts will be made to prevent
something like this from ever happening again.

On January six, 2021, violence ensued in Washington, D.C., when the Capitol was overrun by rioters one terrifying moment stuck with Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey.

“The image of the horrible, disturbing racist image on television of an American walking through the halls of this building. With the Confederate flag. Never happened before,
not even during the American Civil War, and that happened.”

Congressman Glenn Thompson issued the following statement on the revolt, saying Quote

“Those who stormed the Capitol on January six, 2021 perpetrated senseless, violent and destructive acts. While I unequivocally believe in the right to peacefully assemble, those who
broke the law should be held accountable.”

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro says it’s important to recall that solemn day to ensure it will be one of a kind.

“We, of course, gather here today to mark this dark day in our history. But also to dedicate ourselves to the work to ensuring that it never happens again.”

Representative John Joyce offered a statement saying quote

“The events of January sixth were tragic. Violence and intimidation have no place in our national discourse. Now is the time for our nation to heal. We must move forward together,
not as Republican or Democrat, but as Americans.”

“And in doing so, it is time for all elected officials to lead by example and for Congress to move forward for the common good and in the common purpose of serving the American people.”

That sentiment was shared by Senator Casey, who also thanked law enforcement and said these events should give Americans desire to protect and respect the fragility of democracy.

“On this day, when we remember with horror that day just a year ago and we say thank you to those law enforcement officials and others who work in this building and did so much for us
and for the nation.”

“We also are determined to move forward to protect our democracy and ensure that this great American experiment continues for generations. More than 700 people have been arrested in
the year since for taking part in the violence.”

And now several from our area who were arrested in the Capitol riot remain jailed or are awaiting sentencing. Robert Morss was a political activist as a student at Penn State.

Just last month, a judge rejected his latest request to be freed from a federal prison.

Morse is facing a number of riot related charges, including assaulting a police officer and robbery. The judge saying that Morse has yet to show remorse for his actions during the
riot. Julian Khater, seen in the Trump knit hat in these pictures, is a former state college restaurant owner who is accused of using a chemical spray on Capitol

Police officers. Despite his family pledging several million dollars in a bail bond request, Khater also remains jailed.

Another man arrested in the riot, Brian Gunderson of State College, is free while awaiting further court action.

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