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Cambria County Woman Speaks Out on Ukraine Help

A Cambria County woman who spent years living in Ukraine is speaking out about how we can support Ukrainians who are suffering in her home away from home.

Nicole Fuschino spoke with Linnie Hostetler from Hollsopple Today and tells us how she’s promoting her mission.

Linnie Hostetler’s heart is in two places at once.

“I love it just because it’s just kind of a unity between America and Ukraine.”

A 2009 graduate of Conemaugh Township High Schoool, Linnie spent the last five years in Ukraine playing for the Lviv National Philharmonic Orchestra.

“Their culture is amazing. The language is amazing. Some of the nicest and most generous people I’ve ever met live in Ukraine.”

She came home for the Holidays in the midst of Russia’s ongoing threats.

“Even Ukrainians didn’t think that anything would happen. My friends in Lviv were convincing me ‘come back, it’s not serious, this happens all the time.’ So, they were just as surprised as everybody else.”

“One of my closest friends just saved up so much money to remodel her kitchen. Right before the war, she literally bought a bunch of new appliances. Thousands of dollars just gone.”

Ukraine gained independence in 1991 the same year Linnie was born and are now fighting for it once again.

“I think what’s the most heartbreaking is knowing how hard they’ve worked for what they have, and the fact that all of that work and in the past 30 years what they’ve gained is being unfairly taken away from them.”

Now she’s advocating for the people in her second home.

“I feel like it’s my goal, kind of like as an ambassador for them, to keep everybody aware of what’s happening, because it’s not finished.”

One way she’s doing that is through her Instagram English for Ukraine posting English lessons, courses, & videos.

“An American who speaks Ukrainian is really rare. English is definitely a need for them. It kind of just exploded really fast. I gained 30,000 followers.”

Linnnie plans to go back to Ukraine when it’s safe to help cleanup & rebuild.

Music brought her here but humanity keeps her coming back.

“I just have a heart for those people and if I can use a platform as an American which is important to them on Instagram to reach them, meet their needs, or encourage them, then that’s definitely my goal.”

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