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Cambria County Warrants

Thirteen people were arrested Thursday night in Cambria County during a county-wide warrant sweep conducted by the Sheriff’s Office.

our cameras were there as the Cambria County Sheriff’s Office, along with Johnstown and Richland Township Police, arrested thirteen individuals on various warrants.

Acting Sheriff Donald Robertson says, over the past two weeks, 30 people have already been arrested in Cambria County during these operations.

“They have an obligation, whether it be a money issue, whether it be they violated their probation, whether they’re not keeping in contact with the court system in general. Then the warrants get issued,” acting Sheriff Robertson said.

He says these warrant sweeps have taken a backseat and slowed down during the pandemic due to many deputies out, COVID in the community, and not wanting to overwhelm the prison systems.

But he says it’s time to start doing them again.

“We have an obligation to go search, find those people, and find out why they’re not doing it. It’s up to the judicial system to figure out and help those folks get back on track,” he said.

Thirteen arrests made on Thursday were a higher number than they intended on, but deputies found heroin and methamphetamines at one home, arresting three individuals there.

“We ended up at one location finding illegal narcotics, paraphernalia, and some money. An additional charge had to be pending against other people, so we went a little bit above that number,” Robertson said.

He says these sweeps send a message for people to pay their obligations before the police knock at their door.

“It caused a lot of folks – that had some obligations – to turn themselves in, they’ve contacted their attorneys, they’ve contacted their probation officers, so it all worked out. We’ll continue to look for those folks that don’t fulfill their obligations,” he said.

He says the Cambria County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page has helped them get tips from the public about where someone is.

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