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Cambria County Primarys

We’ve been following the race for Cambria County Sheriff where two Democratic candidates Kirk Moss and Tom Owens are competing for the Democratic seat.

Tom Owens is currently in the lead with just over 50-percent of the vote.

The county’s acting sheriff Don Robertson is unopposed on the Republican side.

And one of the contested races tonight is for Johnstown City Council.

There are five Democrats running that are hoping to move on to the November election but only four of them will make it.

Ricky Britt, Sylvia King, Maria Mock, and David Vitovich are currently on the council Laura Huchel is not and she’s the one currently in the lead.

The polls were open today from 7am to 8pm.

We visited a few polling locations throughout Cambria County where officials say it’s important to do your civic duty and vote in all elections.

“It’s as important as any other election. You’re choosing local people that want to run this city and help make the city better. I think it’s very important that people do come out and

Keep in mind these results don’t include mail in or absentee ballots.

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