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Cambria County Planning Meeting

The Cambria County Planning Commission held its first meeting of the year Today.

The board members sat down in Ebensburg to discuss topics on the agenda for 2022 and a new transition of power within the organization.

Executive director Ethan Imhoff announced that January 28th will be his last day at the planning commission so he can begin his new role as Johnstown’s new City Manager.

Another topic that was brought up during the meeting the proposal of bringing afghan refugees or legally vetted immigrants to Johnstown.

It’s an idea that was originally brought up at the planning commission meeting in November.

One Johnstown resident gave his public comment about the issue saying he wants an answer now.

“I’m here today because I wanted to ask the Planning Commission what the truth is. Is Mr. Imhoff telling us the truth that they’re bringing Afghan refugees? Or is Vision 2025’s Mike
Tedesco telling us the truth that they’re bringing legally vetted immigrants? The board wouldn’t respond to me. This has been a big hot-button issue now for over a month.
I’m originally the one who exposed this. I just want answers and truth, and I also want to know who is lying to us, because there are two different stories, and they’re conflicting.”

Board members told him that there would be no further discussion or action on his comment.

The planning commission did not give us a comment either regarding this issue.

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