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Cambria County Humane Society Helps With Stray Cats

A few neighborhoods in Cambria County have seen an increase in the stray cat population throughout the summer and now the Humane Society is stepping in to help.

The Humane Society of Cambria County recently began trapping cats in the Moxham area, but it’s all for a good reason.

Earlier this summer, the Humane Society of Cambria County was receiving many of the cats and kittens from the Moxham area. Realizing there was a large amount of stray cats in that area, they decided to begin their trap, neuter, and release program there.

“We are trapping the cats in live traps with just some canned food and we are checking the traps two to three times per day depending on how hot it is, or whether it’s raining or not,”

Once the cats are trapped, they are taken back to the shelter, and then taken to a spay and neuter clinic. If a sick cat is trapped, they will give the cat medication and take care of it. After surgery, the cats have their ears tipped so they can be easily identified after release.

“And then we bring them back. The males we release the next day and the females we re-release three days later back to exactly where we trapped them,”

Many of the cats that are trapped are extremely feral and cannot be rehomed. Officials say this program benefits the shelter as they are over capacity, the people living in these communities, and also the cat population.

“As we continue to spay and neuter these cats, they’ll fight a little less and they will obviously reproduce less which means their resources are better utilized,”

Right now, this program is being funded by private donors, but officials are working with the city of Johnstown, too.

“The city is aware of the cats. They get the complaints just like we do. So, we are working with the city to find out how we can best do that to work with them to get funding,”

“The goal of this is just to educate everyone on spay and neuter and why it is so important and to help the problems with community cats that they’re creating,”

Once the Humane Society of Cambria County finishes up in Moxham, they plan to do this in other Cambria County neighborhoods. If you live in an area where there are a lot of stray cats, or live in Moxham where current traps are set up and have questions or concerns you can reach out to the Humane Society at 814-535-6116.

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