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Cambria County Farm Tours

The Pennsylvania Farm Bureau hosted a legislative Farm Tour in Cambria County Today to raise awareness for national, state and local farming issues.

The Farm Tours take place annually at farms and agro businesses across the country.

Today, it came to the Woody Lodge Winery in Ashville.

Farmera and agriculture business owners talked about their issues with local elected officials.

Some of the topics included the expansion of high speed broadband infrastructure in rural areas sustainability and climate change.

“Weather, disease, and market prices are sometimes beyond a farmer’s control. But we have a little bit of control. We can be at the table and talk to our elected officials at all levels about how
these issues affect us.”

“As the climate changes over the years, things are going to have to change in agriculture. And this is one of the ways.”

After hearing some of the farmers concerns elected officials said the Farm Tour gave them the opportunity to push new ideas forward.

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