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Cambria County Eroding Hillside

An eroding hillside in Cambria County that some are now calling a “dumping ground” has been concerning nearby residents for years.

It’s located at the dead end of Church Avenue in Old Conemaugh Borough.

Looking down the hillside, you can see trash, televisions, furniture, vehicle tires, wood scraps, and other garbage.

“I don’t want a kid to fall down there.”

That’s what neighbor Mark Carosi said about the hillside after taking matters into his own hands.

“If the city would have come up and fixed it then, it was a small problem. Now it’s a big problem. By me filling it in like that, it looks a lot better,”

Neighbor Samuel Gemus says the erosion has become worse over the last 20 years.

“We reported it to the city probably four times, and they have done nothing. I got to the point where I just forgot about it. I just gave up on it. I figured nothing was ever going to get done,”

Residents reached out to former councilwoman Charlene Stanton for help who often deals with environmental issues.

“I came down and I was just appalled at what this area looks like,”

She filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection earlier this month, receiving documentation this week that they’re looking into the complaint.

Residents say they’re upset to look down the hillside and see garbage being dumped.

Stanton is worried about the nearby “turnaround” itself, with a guiderail sinking down the hill with the erosion.

“When you look at the pavement, you see that it’s cracking. It’s breaking apart. The guardrail is slipping off the side,” she said.

The PA DEP still not returned our emails, but told Stanton on Thursday that they’re not through with their investigation.

We reached out City of Johnstown Manager Ethan Imhoff who sent us the following statement in an email

“The Director of Public Works and I visited the site in March shortly after we received the complaint. The potential costs to fully restore the area make an immediate fix prohibitive. The city has a backlog of public works projects where similar rehabilitative issues exist. But we are aware of the issues there, and will work within the city’s means to address the problems.”

In the meantime, homeowners will watch and wait.

“The city needs to do something,”

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