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Cambria County 911 Milestone

Helping deliver a baby over the phone isn’t something that happens very often, but just within this past week Cambria County 911 has assisted with not one, but two deliveries.

Usually, Cambria County 911 sees a few baby delivery calls per year but seeing two within such a small timeframe is a bit unusual. Despite this, dispatchers were well prepared to handle the situation.

” We were able to deliver two babies over the phone with precise, concise instructions. Our dispatchers did an admirable job. They did what they were trained to do and they were unflappable at moving forward with the deliveries,” said Art Martynuska, Cambria County EMA Director.

Dispatchers are trained to be calm, confident, and collected in all situations, but especially in one as fluid as delivering a baby.

“So, when they’re talking to an expectant mother or bystanders, they portray that confidence and they’re very competent with their instructions. So that goes a long way into calming the situation. Our dispatchers are trained to handle the emergency and not become part of it,” said Martynuska.

Rightfully so, dispatchers were incredibly proud of themselves after both deliveries.

“It’s a good feeling. Most of the calls we take don’t lead to good outcomes because people are calling us at the worst times, and this is one of the few times that we’re able to shine through and help out,” said Martynuska.

Inside the hallway to the dispatch center is the Tree of Life, which is used to recognize the dispatchers who put forth an effort to help save lives. Two flowers symbolizing the successful deliveries of a baby boy and a baby girl that occurred this month will now be placed on it.

“It’s a sign of recognition for a job well done and too often this 4th leg of emergency services may go unrecognized or unapplauded, so we like to recognize them as much as we can because they are an integral part of our emergency services in Cambria County,” said Martynuska.

Cambria County 911 is happy to say that both babies were delivered safely, and are happy, and healthy.

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