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Businesses Struggle to Hire

Most COVID-19 Restrictions will be lifted in Pennsylvania on Memorial Day, which is 2 weeks away. We with a local Restaurant Owner to see how they’re preparing for more Customers to be allowed inside their doors. ‘We’re Hiring’ signs fill the windows of many local businesses. That includes the Parkway Restaurant in Portage, which is hiring Cooks. Charlie Rimini, Owner of The Parkway Restaurant saying: “With a limited amount of employees right now, to get anybody to work, it’s hard to find anybody to work.”

Owner Charlie Rimini said COVID cancelled hundreds of their Weddings, banquets, and events last year, so they turned to selling sweets, t-shirts, and take-and-bake pizzas to stay afloat. They even advertised on Facebook. Luckily, they didn’t have to lay off any Employees during the Pandemic. But since most COVID restrictions will be lifted on Memorial Day, he’s preparing for a potential surge in business. Rimini adding: “We’re just waiting for the business to pick up. At the end of May, we want to be ready to go. We don’t want to be left behind, so we’re going to hire a couple more people.”

However, Rimini says workers have been hard to find. The Unemployment Rate in PA was 7.3 in March of this year. Some say people staying on Unemployment might be to blame. We reached out to the Department of Labor and Industry who said: “L&I has not found the additional unemployment benefits to be a primary factor in the perceived labor shortage…we have found that a variety of personalized factors have played a role in certain industries having difficulty finding workers.”

Charlie said he’s happy his restaurant survived the Pandemic and hopes they continue to as they celebrate over 50 years of being in business. Rimini adding: “I hope to keep it going, and keep this business here for another 20 more years.”

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