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Businesses Looking For Employees

According to a study conducted by the National Federation of Independent Business, small business job openings reached a record high for a third straight month.

In the NFIB jobs report for April, data showed that 44% of small business owners have job openings that they cannot fill.

“We’re going to be allowed to fully reopen yet most businesses won’t be able to fully reopen because they are lacking the workforce to adequately serve their customers,” said Greg Moreland, PA State Director for NFIB.

Other than the fear of COVID-19, Greg Moreland said another huge impact to small business’ workforce is the unemployment compensation program, “The real problem is that the federal government is giving $300 extra per week to many individuals who are receiving unemployment compensation and some individuals are actually making more on unemployment than they would going back to work.”

Business owners in Clearfield County are seeing that impact firsthand.

“Unfortunately, we’ve had to close Mondays and now starting this week we are closed on Sundays due to lack of staffing. People are not coming in the doors as they once did, our application folder is almost empty,” said Mia Margolies, General Manager of Luigi’s Ristorante & Catering in DuBois.

Margolies said they offer competitive wages but as Moreland stated, unemployment is playing a huge role.

“We hate to say that we think this may be the case but obviously the unemployment, extra bonus. A lot of times our workers that used to work here may be making more staying at home,” she said.

Latinos and Company Mexican Restaurant in DuBois found themselves in the same position dealing with a shortage of staff members.

“If we have to cut down on days, that’s less money for the business and the business may not survive,” said Anna, Manager/Server at Latinos and Company Mexican Restaurant.

With COVID-19 restrictions being lifted on Memorial Day both businesses are hoping for the best.

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