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Bruce Arians

As the Tampa Bay Bucs and the Kansas City Chiefs get ready for this weekend’s big game. Plenty of the talk has centered upon the goat and perhaps the future goat of course referencing tom Brady vs. Patrick Mahomes.

But its also a great coaching matchup between Bruce Arians and Andy Reid. Arians you might remember was the Steelers OC for a while on his ascention up the NFL ladder.

And hes coached some great quarterbacks in his day Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, Carson Palmer, Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady now just to name a few.

Arians had an interesting take Today as his availability when asked to reflect on being the quarterback whisperer and how he would compare those QB’s in terms of preparation said no one can rival Tom Brady’s prep and the way he goes about things, then had this to say about Big Ben


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