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Browns vs. Titans

The Browns currently are 2nd in the AFC North and could get a Wild Card spot. On Sunday, they played like they wanted it. Baker Mayfield had 4 TD’s, 334 yards and complete on 25 of 33. A laser to Jarvis Landry gets the Browns a Touchdown. The Titans’ best weapon Derrick Henry was shut down with only 60 yards. A fumble leads to a Browns Touchdown. The Browns get tricky. 3rd and Goal everyone thinks the play is for Nick Chubb, but instead the 6’5″ 305 pound Kendall Lamm slips into the endzone unnoticed. At half time the Browns lead 38-7. The Titans made a bit of a comeback, but the Browns won 41-35. Now, the Browns are holding onto the 2nd spot in the AFC North.

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