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Brockway Shooting Seminar

Following many mass shootings across the country in recent weeks

Many people are now trying to prepare in the event that such a tragedy comes to their community.

A public information seminar providing safety tips for active shooter events was held at Brockway Elementary School in Jefferson County

Anytime, anywhere, mass shootings come with little to no warning and remaining safe is the only priority.

Jefferson County Emergency Services Director Tracy Zents says this event was necessary following the tragedies across the country.

“With all the active shooter, killer situations that are going on in our nation right now, we feel it’s very important that people start preparing themselves for the unlikely event that they get caught in an active shooter situation.”

But he says the unpredictable nature of these occurrences makes preparation essential in every community.

“We don’t know if it’ll happen here, kind of like a storm or a disaster-type situation that pops up and happens.”

In addition to teaching people to call 911 and what to do if they’re injured, Zents says one principle is of the utmost importance.

He also intends to have more seminars like this across the area.

“We’re starting here in Brockway and hopefully, if we can do this and do it successfully, we’re going to move this around the county to get as many people prepared as we can.”


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