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Brian Laundrie Remains Found

A man missing since shortly after the death of his fiancee, Gabby Patito. The FBI has confirmed that Laundrie’s remains have been recovered, along with some other potentially important evidence. Randi Kaye reports. Identifying the human remains as Brian Laundrie after comparing dental records.

This is tragic. one day after the remains of Brian Laundrie were found in a Southwest Florida reserve, investigators returned to further search the area today amid treacherous conditions. We’re talking about water levels up above almost a chest area rattlesnakes, moccasins, alligators.

You just can’t walk up and look, it’s not like you’re searching a house or a car. These areas are huge and they’re covered by water. A source close to the investigation tells CNN the remains appear to have been there, while clothing believed to be laundry’s was found as well.

Laundrie, who had not been charged in the death of his fiancee Gabby Patito, was last seen September 13 when he went hiking in the Carlton Nature Reserve, his family said. The remains found yesterday were in the Carlton Reserve, about a 45 minute walk from the park entrance.

Officials say some personal belongings believed to be Laundries were also found by his father. It’s quite sad, you can imagine as a parent finding your son’s belongings alongside some of the remains, and that’s got to be heartbreaking. And I can tell you that they are heartbroken.

But there are questions about when and where the remains were found, including the circumstances of yesterday’s search that involved his parents, Roberta and Chris Laundrie. The area had been underwater until recently and only reopened to the public yesterday as they went further and Chris ventured off the trail into the woods.

He was zigzagging in different areas. Law enforcement was doing the same thing. At some point, Chris locates what’s called a dry bag. The dry bag is a white bag laying in the woods. I’ll say 20 feet or so off the trail, according to Chris, it was in some brambles.

The personal items include a backpack and notebook. But so far, the contents have not been revealed. Laundrie disappeared More than a month ago Wednesday, the FBI called him a person of interest in the killing of Patito. On September 1st, Laundrie returned to his parents home in Florida without Patito after their summer road trip.

Her remains were later found in Wyoming. Her death ruled a homicide.


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