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Body Found in Richland Twp. Woods

According to Cambria County coroner Jeff Lees, a body was found Monday in a wooded area in Richland Township.

Authorities say Richland police and the Cambria County District Attorney’s office were called in to investigate the discovery made along Oakridge Drive just before noon.

A forensic anthropology team has also been called in to assist with the investigation.

Lees says the body was found approximately 100-150 yards into the wooded area.

Authorities are not speculating about the identity of the victim and note that the death does not appear suspicious at this time.

“At this point, we don’t believe that there’s any foul play. Final identification is pending DNA.”

“We have one opportunity to to process the scene the correct way. And once that’s done, we don’t get a second chance.”

Lees notes that an autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday.

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