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Bobs Army Navy Store to Close

A well know outdoor and hunting business in Clearfield is closing.

After serving the community for decades, Bob’s Army and Navy is saying good-bye.

Douglas Braff spoke with the owner of the store and he’s live with more.

For 74 years the name Bob’s Army and Navy has been known to many across the region

In June it’ll close its doors.

“It’s always been family-owned. My parents started it in 1948. They came from Lewistown, Pennsylvania, and started up the Army & Navy store.”

Bob Griminger and his sister have worked in the store since they were 12 years old. They’ve owned the store together for four decades.

With him and his sister turning 70 and 71 this year respectively, he felt it was time to retire.

I asked Griminger what he will miss most about the store.

“The creaking floors Everybody comments about the creaking floors in this building. It’s always been that way.”

“It’s an everyday thing for us, that we’ve always heard it.”

However, there’s something he’ll miss even more.

“But most of all, what I’m gonna miss is our customer base. Our customers have been really good to us over the years.”

Griminger tells me the store’s final day will be June 26th.

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