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Boalsburg Military Museum

There are Several Military Monuments in our area, as Gary Sinderson explains about one, it’s a complex work in progress.

“So you’re alongside the guns. You can see just how large they are versus when they’re actually up in the pedestals. We know the pedestals, they don’t really feel as large as what they are when you actually stand beside it and you get that real ,you know, comparison.”

Tyler Gunn, the director of the Pennsylvania Military Museum in Boalsburg, talking about the two guns off the old USS Pennsylvania Battleship that now are at the museum entrance-way. The guns are huge, each one weighing close to 70 tons when it first set sail close to 100 years ago, the Pennsylvania was one of the largest battleships in the world. It’s so extensive action World War two and back in 2009, the guns were found in a shipyard and transported to the museum. The guns themselves aren’t broken or damaged instead. The project now centers on securing them in better concrete mounts.

“It’s actually a really interesting conversation to listen to to be a part of because you have history geeks and math nerds talking about stuff that typically you don’t have the two worlds working on. But in this instance you have to.”

As it turns out, the guns are actually still the property, the navy on loan, like many military memorials and artifacts.

“What they trying to do is partner with our local communities, and one example of that, of course, would be here at the Pennsylvania Military Museum. Other moments, though, could be at your Legion VFW, post your town, square, your library or maybe even a school. Or they’ll try to place these items to actually be used as an outdoor classroom.”

It’s expected the big guns will be remounted on the new pedestals by sometime next year.

The project won’t interrupt next month’s annual Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day at the Museum in Center County.

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