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BLM Protestor Arrested in Illinois

A man who has been sought on charges for his role in a shooting between two Bedford County men and Black Lives Matter protestors has now been formally charged in a case in Illinois.

The state’s attorney in DeWitt County, Illinois charged Orsino Thurman of Wisconsin on Monday with 10 counts including domestic battery, child abduction, and fleeing police in an encounter Thurman live-streamed as it happened Wednesday.

The new charges were announced more than four months after Thurman was charged in Bedford County for the August 2020 incident, and he’s never shown up for arraignment.

Thurman was wounded in the shooting and was briefly hospitalized at Conemaugh Hospital in Johnstown.

The latest case began after police in Clinton, Illinois responded to a hotel for a domestic battery case and while on the scene saw Thurman fleeing with the woman’s baby inside.

Police stopped him but he eventually took off again, live streaming as state police chased him and implored him to give up to protect the baby.

He eventually was stopped with spike strips. He handed over the baby to crisis negotiators but took off yet again.

After traveling through two counties and after hours of further negotiations, Thurman was brought into custody.

Thurman pleaded not guilty in DeWitt County Court Monday. WAND-TV reports he is being held on $75,000 bond.

Request for comment from the Bedford County District Attorneys’ Office about any timeline for Thurman to be extradited back to Pennsylvania has not been returned.

The other man charged in this case, Terry Myers, had his most serious charges dropped this summer as he argued self-defense.

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