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Blair County Elections

After a long election night, Blair County elections volunteers returned to work Today counting mail in ballots.

Marshall Keely is in Hollidaysburg with updated totals and how many ballots are left to count.

That pushed the county’s total vote count to over 57,000, but it still leaves close to 9,000 mail in and absentee ballots needing to be counted. Elections officials say they started with counting all the ballots collected before October 23rd and then began working by precinct.

They’ve tallied more than 11,000 mail in and absentee ballots so far. The county did receive 13 new mail in ballots Today that were postmarked on or before election day. Officials say they are counting the ballots in a later phase and keeping them separate, following guidance from the department of state and the litigation pending in the supreme court.

When it comes to the Presidential race, county totals from late Yesterday showed 75 percent of the vote in favor of President Trump, but with the new numbers factored in that figure dropped slightly to 72 percent.

There’s much more to be done here. The county’s volunteers and staff are set to return Tomorrow morning at 8 am.

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