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Blair County Courthouse Shooting

New details now in the officer involved shooting at the Central Courthouse in Blair County, police confirming to ABC 23 news just minutes ago that the shooting is fatal. Dylan Huberman is live in Altoona with more on this developing story.

The shooting took place just behind me at the Central Court and 911 center here in Altoona, around 3:20 this afternoon. We do know that someone involved in the incident is being treated at UPMC Altoona. Through this, does the severity of their injuries or Persons involved is unknown.

Earlier, we saw a very large police presence, which has only now begun to dissipate. State police are now taking over the investigation prior to their arrival. I spoke with Sergeant Matt Plummer of the Altoona Police Department, who offered this statement.

“I can confirm that there’s been an officer involved shooting that involved an outside a police officer. And right now, this investigation has been turned over to the Pennsylvania State Police. I can confirm that there is a suspect in custody, so there’s no type of dangerous threat to the neighborhood here.”

And again, as you just heard, police say, they do have a suspect in custody, though we do not know the ID of that suspect or of the victim. Stay with us throughout the night for updates in Blair County I’m Dylan Huberman.

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