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Blair County 2nd Ammendment Sanctuary Vote

The Blair County Second Amendment Coalition and the Blair County Tea Party held a joint news conference Wednesday evening to discuss a second amendment sanctuary status for the county.

Former Pennsylvania state senator, John Eichelberger spoke about why he came out and the history behind the second amendment.

There are four ballot petitions, one would include all of Blair County, the second is specific to each of the county’s municipalities, and a third would cover Altoona.

Bonita Shreve, the president of the Blair County 2nd Amendment Coalition, spoke about why she came out to the petition drive.

“We want to have a 2nd amendment sanctuary county, in order to do that we want to withhold taxpayer resources. So, therefore, if federal officials come in and try to use local law enforcement to come after our weapons, they can’t do it, because we are going to hit them in the wallet.”

Shreve says she is hopeful the issue will make it onto the November ballot.

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