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Bishop McCort Wrestling Appeal

Today, the people who heard the case of appeal from the Bishop McCort athletic program today surrounding the ruling in District 6 sent down there to keep the crushers out of the post season on the wrestling mats due to recruiting violations.

Just to recap, District 6 put the entire athletic program on probation for three years, suspended head coach Bill Bassett and then suspended the wrestling program as a whole from competing in the post-season of three years as well.

A verdict reached today on the appeal and district his ruling was upheld by the basket remains suspended for two years

The wrestling program is suspended for the postseason for two years, and the entire athletics program of court remains on probation for three years.

Principal and head football coach Tom Smith. Talk with me for the last 20 minutes today on the phone had this to say.

He said he respects the decision of the. He was grateful the appeal was heard. He, however, disagrees with the ruling, believing there is no evidence to support recruiting. 88 students came over to McCort, which he personally himself signed off on.

Based on in-person instruction during the pandemic and the overall Catholic education, Smith also said the court’s next step will be to appeal to the Court of Common Pleas.

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