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Bishop McCort Hires New Hockey Coach

Major news in the High School Hockey community.

Bishop McCort announced that Art McQuillan has been named as the new head coach of the Crushers hockey program

This news come as a shock to many because of the long-standing rivalry between the Bishop McCort and Westmont Hilltop hockey teams.

McQuillan spent over 30 seasons as the head coach at Westmont. Leading his team to the Penguin cup playoffs 28 times where the Hilltoppers finished as runners up twice. First in 1998 and again in 2003

McQuillan is only the 3rd head coach in school history at McCort. He replaces John Bradley who stepped down this past season.

The first head coach in the Crushers history was Galen Head, who was McQuillan’s travel team coach during his high school years.

Along with McQuillan, Don Lamison, his longtime assistant coach will also join the Crushers hockey team.

Bishop McCort principal Tom Smith said in a statement that they are very pleased to have McQuillan be a part of the McCort team and quote

“Any way that you want to measure the performance of a hockey team, his have been extremely successful. This is the right coach for crusher hockey at this time.”


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