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Bike Safety Education Event

This time of year, there’s great weather for riding the bike. And for those hoping on for the first time, you want to make sure they stay safe. On Saturday, thanks to UPMC Altoona, kids got to learn how to ride their bikes safely, heading into the Summer.

More than 100 Million Americans use a bicycle at least once each year. With the weather getting warmer, UPMC Altoona’s Station Medical Center hosted a Bike Safety Education Event Saturday, giving the next generation a chance to hear from First Responders on how to avoid getting hurt while biking. Jody Milavec, the Hospital’s Director of Trauma Services, says having a helmet is necessary for safety. Milavec saying: “Every year, Millions of kids are injured in bike-related accidents, and being able to provide them with helmets, not just for bikes but for scooters or anything they’re riding throughout the Summer, is so important.”

Patrick Lundquist, the Director of Imaging at the Hospital, says it’s important to get that fact into their heads early. Lundquist adding: “It’s important to make sure we’re teaching the kids, especially as they’re first starting to ride their bikes, and all the way through High school.”

The kids who were at the event got to see a Medevac Helicopter, meet Emergency Responders and try on concussion goggles to show them what could happen if they don’t follow safety advice. An education they hope will continue in the years to come. Milavec adding: “I’m hoping to work for about the next 25 years, so im hoping for the next 25 years!”

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