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Bike Ride for Habitat for Humanity

Board President for Habitat for Humanity John Farr said this is his 19th Bike2Build Tour.

Last year he raised nearly $18,000.

But due to the pandemic, this year he said he’s going to ride 500 miles in seven days.

“It’s not a race, you just piffle along 10mph. The challenge is just staying in the seat 7 hours a day it’s like going to work,” he said.

He plans to average 71 miles a day.

At this point in the summer, he said he’s in pretty good shape.

Farr said he’s going to go on a different route on each day.

“I’m going from State College to DuBois one day, DuBois to Crescent to Horseshoe Curve,” Farr said.

At 79 years old, Farr doesn’t think about his age when cycling even after enduring open heart surgery.

“I’m not sure that you need to think about it as age being a main factor although obviously that’s important,” he said.

The Habitat For Humanity’s motto is building hope through building homes.

With this Bike2Build tour starting next Friday, Farr hopes to do that.

“It takes us close to 60-70,000 to build a house around so this is important part of the income project for getting our projects done,” he said.

If you’re interested in donating to Bike2Build head to their website.


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