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Big Ten Will Play Sports

According to the Associated Press, the possibility of a season was discussed over the weekend when Big Ten officials were presented a plan, however there was no vote at that time.

The decision to postpone Big Ten fall sports’ seasons came in August after an 11-3 vote, due to coronavirus concerns.

And we now turn it over to Sarah Metts who joins us live with a break down of the conferences strict COVID-19 protocols.

This decision comes after league officials say they have more confidence in the most up-to-date medical information and the teams abilities to conduct daily COVID-19 testing.

Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren’s put together a competition task force. He says they helped present a strategic return to play plan to the leagues presidents and chancellors.

This is based off a strict data-driven approach for all teams, coaches, and administrators.

Starting on September 30th teams will have daily rapid testing which will be recorded before all games and practices by the instutions chief infection officer. Players who test positive will then have 21 days until then can return to play.

The Big Ten is also taking into consideration the population positivity rate. Which is the number if positive individuals divided by the total population at risk.

The team and population positive case rates are divided into green, orange and red levels.

If the population’s case rate is above 7.5 percent…and the team’s case rate is over 5%, teams will have to stop practicing and playing games for at least 7 days.

“I think what really matters here is that medical expertise, the power of the Big Ten was brought to the floor here with our medical experts it was just a great example of teamwork and collaboration.”

Big ten officials say they will eventually release a return to play plan for all Fall sports that will include more testing protocols.

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